Crowd 4 Peace

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Why are we doing this campaign?

We have a dream. Together we will make it possible. In February 2017, the Peace Revolution Summit (PRS) – Empowering Minds for a Sustainable Future will take place in Thailand.

PRS is the first international summit that will uniquely combine the meditation retreat with the conference format. It is designed for youth and professionals to facilitate sessions, lead dynamic discussions, speak on panels and pitch ideas. Our goal is to bring together at least 600 peace builders. Through your contribution you will support 100 young participants who have financial difficulties to also attend free of charge.

How can you help?

Your contribution makes all the difference in the world! A young person will have the amazing opportunity of attending our event for free. All the funds raised will be directed at helping determined youth to be a part of the PRS. Donate to support our cause! Help us spread the news by inviting your friends to also do so. Use the #crowd4peace hashtag and let everyone know you’re supporting the #PeaceRevolutionSummit.

What is in it for you?

You are creating positive change in the world by standing for someone else’s greatness. Join a community of whole-hearted people and let’s create the bright, peaceful and connected future we all want to live in.


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