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Become a partner


Interested in improving society and creating a meaningful legacy for the next generations? Join us for the first European Peace Summit!

Attend the 1st European Peace Summit for free: our partners will have the opportunity of sending one representative of their organizations to take part in our summit free of charges (accommodation is not included).

Use World Peace Initiative’s and Peace Revolution’s social networks:: our partners will have the option of using our social networks to promote their own activities and organizations to increase the number of people they reach.  World Peace Initiative and Peace Revolution is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Youtube and Wordpress with more than 112,000 followers.

Receive a meditation and mindfulness workshop: our partners will have the option of arranging a seminar where a Meditation Trainer of World Peace Initiative will offer a workshop about a given topic and guide meditation to all the members of the organization.

Contact Karolina and we will discuss partnership possibilities:

Karolina Mazetyte
Coordinador of 1st European Peace Summit
[email protected]org

Become a Sponsor:

If you want to get even more involved, drop us a line to find out everything about the sponsorship program.